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Who we are

MyEngineNeeds is a niche website based on synthetic oils for motor vehicles.

It was my passion for motor vehicles that that drove me to the motor oil industry. I have always had a soft corner for vehicles, with a special interest for classic cars of the 50-70s. I am also the proud owner of a classic car and have maintained it well over the years. .

I have also worked within the automotive industry in a variety of roles. I have promoted over the counter sales of oils to taking photographs of different parts. At present I have a job where I drive a truck delivering food to business.

So you could say it was my passion, and my various automobile associated jobs, that made me realize the importance, and need of knowing and using the right vehicle oils. This helped me learn lots of new things over the years. For example, i have learnt that engine and transmission oils shouldn’t be mixed, and that classic cars needed special oils.

This was what prompted me into creating a site with relevant, factual and important information based around this product. I thought I should share my acquired knowledge with all the other aspiring motorists around.

I thought that the best way to do this would be by providing some interesting information on this site, and some extensive reviews of the different motor oils in the industry.

This is where I have to mention that while I had provided her with the input, Mradula Shet was responsible for penning down my thoughts. She is an experienced freelance writer who has written extensively on various topics, including motor oils.

What we do

We provide you with comprehensive information & review articles based on synthetic oil products. We currently have 50+ articles and counting to provide you with information on what is under your hood.

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