What Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil Should I Use?


The best synthetic motorbike engine oils for enhancing and protecting your engine

Selecting the right type of engine oil for your motorcycle can be very confusing. Given the fact that there are a variety of options to choose from, it is very important to make sure that you select the right one for your motorcycle. The motorcycle oil filter helps to ensure that there are no impurities getting into the engine. The constant environmental changes can cause a lot of damage and strain on vehicle engines. During the summer there are a lot of chances for the engine to get overheated.

The effects of climatic conditions and bad roads on the engine

The new range of motor cycle engine oils are designed to maintain the temperature of the engine even during the hottest days. In the winter, the cold temperatures can be very nasty for the engine. If you live in a country where it snows, then we do not have to state the obvious of what can happen. A good full synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated to take care of such conditions as well.

Bad roads are another cause of concern. Not only does this put a strain on our riding, but it does affect the motor cycle engines as well. The use of the right type of premium oil only helps to protect and reduce the load that falls on the engine.

When you ride on bad roads, it can make your engine age even faster than it should. What makes it worse is when you have to travel the same road everyday. This is why, even motorcycle manufactures recommend never to compromise on the quality of the engine oil.

Why is it important to use the best motorcycle oil?

The oil filter is used to help keep the engine clean. Over time and due to constant use, the oil particles can become hard, tiny and a problem if the enters the engine. Through these filters, it helps to reduce/prevent the possibility of the engine surface wearing out. It also helps to keep the oil clean for better performance and life of the engine

How does the filter of the motorcycle engine oil work?

The motorcycle motor oil helps to reduce the friction caused while it is running. Along with that, it also helps to make sure that the engine stays safe and protected. As the engine grows older and depending on the kind of use, it starts to wear out.

When you use the best synthetic motorcycle oil you basically protect your engine and the different parts in every way. Even the pollution levels are under control when you use good oil. This not only benefits your engine but the environment as well.

To save money you may consider using a regular brand, but that will only damage your engine even more. The options that are there in the market is endless, getting to know the right brand for your engine will take time. Nevertheless, it is important that you should not make any compromises on choosing good oil for your engine.

List of synthetic motorcycle oils available in the market today

Although there are a variety of engine oils in the market for your motorcycle, there is a fine line between using a premium brand and a regular brand. No doubt, the premium brand may be a little expensive, however it helps to protect your engine in various ways.

When you use a premium brand, the performance of your engine increases and improves a lot. Even as the engine ages you do not have to worry about wear and tear. Engine oils are designed to help protect and optimize the engine’s performance.

They are also made to ensure that the frictions between the various parts are reduced. Over heating, constant use, unstable riding conditions etc. these factors can even destroy your engine. Let us look at some of the premium names that there are in the market.

Royal Purple 51530 API

The brand needs no introduction to motorcycle users. They have been in the market for a very long time and have always provided the best synthetic oils there are in the market today. Royal Purple motorcycle oil helps to protect your engine from wearing out due to constant use. It also helps to increase the fuel efficiency of the engine. The catalytic emission system is very expensive to replace, with the Royal Purple you can be sure that it will get better protection.

In comparison to other oils, this oil is designed and compatible with fuels that have ethanol present in them. For better security and to ensure that the oil stays fresh for a long time, it comes in a plastic body that is made from the best materials. This is a premium synthetic oil and is ideal for new and old vehicles.

Benefits of using this oil for NEW motorcycles

When you get your new motorcycle the first oil change is generally scheduled after 2,000 miles. This is why, it is important to use premium oil for your engine until then. The royal purple motorcycle oil is ideal for new vehicles since it is made from the best quality ingredients and oils in the market. This oil will help you get through the 2,000 mile mark without hampering your engine in any way.

Benefits of using this oil for OLDER motorcycles

In the case of older vehicles, the age factor of the engine plays a vital role in its performance. Royal Purple motorcycle engine oil will give your own engine the much-needed protection that is deserves. It also helps
to prevent the damages caused due to constant use.

Motul 104103 7100 4t engine oil

Another well-known brand in motorcycle engine oil is Motul. Is synthetic engine oil is perfect for petrol engines and is compatible with motorcycle brands like Avenger, Pulsar, KM Duke Exception. The20 W-50 Viscosity and Synthetic oil is another reason why you should go for this oil.

Ideal for four stroke engines

The Motul motorcycle oil is perfect for four stroke motorcycles. It is formulated with the best and latest specifications. This oil helps the engine to perform better even under conditions that can cause the engine extreme pressure. Even during start-up, full speed or acceleration, it helps to reduce the load on the engine.

Mobil 1 103436-engine oil

The next name in the list of the best motor cycle is Mobil. As a company has been the best for a very long time. It is a name that is associated with quality, better performance and gentle nature for motor cycle engines. It has its own fan base that has been using their products for years and they have never had problems with their engines in any way.

The 103436-engine oil is formulated keeping in mind the different needs of the engine. This oil is formulated to help keep the engine temperature under control. It is also formulated to help and protect the engine while it is moving.

The Mobil motorcycle oil helps to ensure that there is stability in the engine and improves the performance and transmission of your bike. To increase the lifespan of your engine, it is formulated with special enhanced lubricants.

This help to reduce the stress on the engine and maximize the acceleration and power while it is working. The wet-clutch feature of the Mobil1 motorcycle oil helps to optimize the performance of the engine as well.

Benefits of using mobile1 motorcycle oil for your engine

This engine oil has been tested to ensure that it gives your engine the much needed protection it deserves. It also helps the transmission gears, piston rings, engine bearings and various other parts of the engine. When you use this oil, you will notice that the acceleration and horsepower touches its optimum usage. All this happens without creating any kind of stress or strain to your engine.

Redline 20w50 motorcycle oil

Redline is another name that has made its way to the top motorcycle oils in the market today. The engine oil has superior film strength in comparison to the other oils in the market. Even the drain intervals are much better than any other motor oil you would use.

Benefits of using 20w50 motorcycle oil

This motor cycle oil is formulated keeping in mind the need of four stroke engines. You also have special oils that are designed for the two stroke engines as well. When you use this oil, it helps to protect the engine from the damages caused by high temperatures. It is also perfect for the wet clutch operations. This oil helps to reduce the friction cause while the bike is running.

When you use the Redline motor oil for a longer time, you will notice that it does not affect the metal surface of your engine in any way. The purity of this oil is worth every penny you spend. Even if you are stuck in a long traffic jam, you do not have to worry about the constant stress the engine goes through with the bumper to bumper movement.

Amsoil motorcycle oil

Amsoil is a name that is known to all. Their synthetic range of engine oils is known to be the best in the market. The good thing about this company is that every oil is formulated through extensive research. Even the testing phase is very strict. In short you can clearly say that this company leaves no stones un-turned for their customers.

Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle oil

In the product range of Amsoil synthetic oils, the 10w-40 is one such product that is good for your motorcycle. It is formulated to help your engine stay clean and cool while it is working. This oil also ensures that it protects your engine from the constant wear and tear that it faces due to regular use.

We can never predict the riding conditions. The constant changes in the environmental temperature equally play a toll on the engine. With the Amsoil motorcycle oil, you can be rest assure that there will be no damage done to your engine in any way. You can spend hours on your bike riding through the worst conditions and still nothing will happen to it.

Amsoil 20w50 motorcycle oil

This premium oil is an ideal for people who are looking for nothing but the best for their engine. The formula of this oil has been formulated based on extensive research and testing. It is designed to look after engines like the Harley Davidson and other top names. It does not matter which kind of conditions you may ride on, the motorcycle oil will take care of your engine to the optimum level. It will give you a smooth riding experience even in the midst of the cold weather conditions.

Using Amsoil motorcycle oil helps your engine from deposits and wear and tear

When you use the engine oil constantly, it is natural that there will be some kind of deposits present. If you do not clean these deposits on regular basis, it can affect the quality, life and performance of the engine. It also helps to prevent the possibility of the development of rust on the engine.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Amsoil has insured that the 20w50 helps to reduce the wear and tear caused to the engine. It also helps to maximize the power and functionality of the motorcycle for a longer time. You can use this premium brand for your motor cycle for years and you will find that the performance of your engine will only improve in time.


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