What synthetic engine oil can I use for my Harley Davidson?


Harley Davidson Synthetic Motor Oil

Your Harley Davidson gains lots of attention wherever you go, and you should be proud of it. So as the owner, you naturally want and have to maintain it well. An essential maintenance rituals involves a regular engine oil change, using the best oil available. While there’s lots of controversy and opinions about using conventional or synthetic oils for motorbikes, Harley Davidson manufacturers now suggest and support using synthetic engine oil for your bike.

Why use synthetic engine oil for my Harley?

Synthetic engine oil not only keeps motorcycles cool but also cools cars and lawnmowers. And as its particles remain suspended and unsettled, it traps more contaminants. This, in turn, prevents particles from settling as sludge to the bottom of your engine to facilitate increased lubrication and better mileage.

Harley Davidson motorcycle engines are exposed extreme heat. And as the engine is air-cooled, it tends to get even hotter when it remains idle because of a traffic jam. It can, in fact, reach temperatures that are a maximum of 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

The increased heat leads to a viscosity which in turn affects the oil’s lubricating qualities. Besides, water and all the combustion by-products also form a sludge which is why engine oil has to be periodically changed to eliminate these remove these impurities. Synthetic oils have additives that withstand these containments to facilitate prolonged engine oil drain intervals.

How to choose the best synthetic engine oil

The next question that springs to mind is with so many brands and types of synthetic oils in the market, you wonder what oil is best for your Harley Davidson. You need to use synthetic oil with a very high viscosity index (VI) number, which is the top and low-temperature performance of oils. It is the VI that tells you how much the oil tends to thin out when it gets hot. It is the oils with a higher VI that maintain viscosity better at elevated temperatures.

It’s possible to narrow down your choice by investing in an oil fill cap with a built-in thermometer to monitor your oil temperatures. After recording temperatures of different oils while driving in both highway speeds and low/idle speeds, you’ll realise it’s time to switch to using Amsoil motorcycle oil. This is because you will notice a drop of 30-40 degrees once you start using the oil.

Benefits and Reasons for using Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle oil

Another option is asking several Harley-Davidson riders using Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil for their experience, and you will get a positive Amsoil endorsement from them. They will vouch by experience that the oil very efficiently reduces engine heat by up to forty degrees. Besides, Amsoil is versatile oil which you can utilize in not only in the engine but can also keep the primary chaincases and transmission clean. So Amsoil helps lubricate and protect all these components, which is why it’s famous for providing the best protection for motorcycles.

Another benefit of using Amsoil in your Harley Davidson is that its synthetic oil with great value. The oil can be utilized for a longer time when compared to other engine oils. You need to change it after more than twice the time suggested by the manufacturer. So you indirectly also end up saving money as you needn’t change the oil as frequently as other popular engine oils.

Amsoil is formulated using the best synthetic base oil and additives that prevent the formation of deposits in high temperatures. This in turn is how the oil protects your motorcycle so that it performs well in any operating condition. It effectively withstands oxidation and any deterioration of the oil because of heat. It is these features that help minimise wear and tear, reduce oil consumption, and keep contaminants suspended and to keep the engine contaminant free and maintained at low temperatures all the time.

Besides, as Amsoil is approved for use in any stage of engine life, including the first service, you can use it as soon as you get your Harley Davidson. You can even use it as first fill on receiving your bike as it’s not detrimental to engine break-in. It’s, in fact, better to use Amsoil if you ride your motorcycle hard, in dusty conditions or during cold winter wherein you needn’t change your motorcycle oil and filter that often.

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Mobil1 Synthetic Motorcycle oil

Mobil motorcycle oils are entirely synthetic, high-performance engine oils that are designed to meet your motorcycle engines’ demanding needs. Mobil1 is especially helpful at protecting 4-cycle, V-twin type engines; especially the air cooled ones that tend to run hotter than other engine types. Mobil1 flows exceptionally well even at low temperatures which reduce engine start-up wear. It is also instrumental at resisting any reduction or changes in the oil because of increased temperatures and thus help prevent possible degradation of oil.

Mobil1 synthetic oil is also useful for your Harley Davidson as it protects against any strain on the engine because of high temperatures and because of increased engine speed. It’s optimised to meet a motorcycle engine’s special working. The oil is very helpful at stabilizing shear stress, which in turn can prevent a reduction in viscosity levels in high performance transmissions and engines like in your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The oil also is also famous for maintaining stable temperatures which is useful at preventing oxidation and deterioration of the oil due to increased temperatures.

Besides, Mobil1 provides improved lubrication to your engine parts which is essential for providing utmost strength and speed throughout the engine life. It is a combination of all these features that help Mobil1 provide outstanding protection against engine and transmission components. Now that you know which synthetic engine oil is best for your Harley Davidson, it’s now your turn to endorse the product when someone else turns to you for advice!

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