Valvoline 20W-50 VR1 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil Review


Racing cars go through a lot of wear and tear, which is why you should use the right motor oil that minimises friction while improving engine performance. The Valvoline 20W-50 Synthetic motor oil for racing cars is one such oil worthy of your car.

This motor oil comes from a range of lubricants specially formulated to cater to racing cars. They minimise foam and maximise resilience to heat deterioration while providing high load carrying benefits.

Synthetic oil with exclusive chemistry

As the Valvoline VR-1 is synthetic, no crude oil was used in its making. Like most synthetic oils, the oil gives much better mechanical performance than traditional motor oils made from crude oil.

The oil also helps increase your vehicle gas mileage while reducing unnecessary engine wear at extremely high and low temperatures. However, as synthetic oil is derived through a complicated production method, the oil costs more than conventional motor oils.

Tailored for gasoline and full or partial alcohol fuels

The Valvoline VR-1 synthetic racing motor oil is meant for use in gasoline and full or partial alcohol engines found in track and street service vehicles. This means that it is safe to use in cars, light trucks, vans or SUVs, in addition to racing cars.

High zinc additive levels

The Valvoline VR-1 Racing oil has high zinc levels essential in providing the best protection in the high-performance engines of racing cars that race on race tracks and highway. While the oil is mainly formulated for use in race engines, it is also compatible and safe to use in passenger vehicles.

Reduces friction and improves engine performance for all types of racing

The oil is specially formulated to control any friction in the engine when in use and the process improves the engine performance even in extreme service conditions. This is why the oil is today one of the reigning leaders in lubricants used for any type of racing including drag racing and dirt and paved ovals.

Low viscosity

All motor oils have different viscosity levels and are graded based on the thickness by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). According to this grade, the higher the number between 0 and 60, the thicker is the oil.

Some oils like the Valvoline have two categories where the first indicates cold weather (Winder or W) performance and the second, normal performance. The Valvoline is 20W-50 which means it has a 20 viscosity rating in cold temperatures and a 50 rating at normal operating temperatures. So it gives your car a quick and easy start-up even in the cold, and remains in the liquid state in cold temperatures.

Formulated for extra power

The Valvoline 20W-50 is safe racing oil to use in track cars and other high-compression racing vehicles. It is because of its many additives that increase your engine horsepower. The oil also prevents foam formation as it contains fewer detergents than conventional motor oils.

Deposit and wear control

The Valvoline 20W-50 protects against the harsh wear and tear of your engine with its ZDDP additives.  It also protects against high-temperature deposits which helps keep and maintain a cleaner engine.


  • Has a 20W-50 SAE grading, meaning it is a low viscosity oil
  • Contains additives that increase the engine horsepower and reduces friction
  • Contains fewer detergents than other conventional motor oils
  • Can be used in both gasoline and full or partial alcohol fuel engines
  • Formulated to increase vehicular gas mileage while reducing engine wear and tear at extreme temperatures


  • Can be used in racing cars and any light truck, van, car or SUV with API “SL” grading
  • Defoamer protects engine from extreme stress
  • Reasonably priced for a synthetic oil and comes in a set of 6 one-quart bottles
  • Formulated for increased power, anti-wear protection and protection from high-temperature deposits
  • Unlike other oils, the oil is a unique sapphire blue colour
  • Smooth flow even in cold temperatures
  • Needs to be changed only once in 3 months or after 3000 miles


  • Cannot be used in motorcycles (wet clutches)
  • Not available locally only online


If it is racing oil you are looking for your high-performance racing car; then the Valvoline 20W-50 motor oil is oil worth trying out. It is affordably priced in a set of 6 lightweight one-quart bottles.

The unique sapphire blue colored oil is specially formulated to bring out the best in your engine by minimising the formation of deposits and friction and increasing horsepower. Besides, the oil is protected against extreme stress by its defoamer and its low viscosity levels easily starts your car in cold temperatures.


Like any other product, there are other competing oils for your racing car in the market. Its major contender is none other than an oil from its own range of racing lubricants, the Valvoline 10W-30 VR1 racing motor oil.

This oil too has about one hundred customer reviews on Amazon as it’s also tailored to meet your specific racing car needs. It is affordably priced and available in a set of 6 one-quart bottles and is an excellent choice for flat tappet engines because of its high ZDDP content. It is also formulated for gasoline and full or partial alcohol engines, to increase your engine power and protects the motor when under extreme stress.


The unique formulation of the Valvoline 20W-50 VR1 Synthetic Racing Oil proves that it is the ideal oil for your racing car. It is specially designed to protect your vehicle from extreme stress, to improve its horsepower and is used in most engine brands with gasoline or full or partial alcohol engines.

And while its family member the Valvoline 10W-30 VR1 racing motor oil does offer some competition with its unique formulation, it is conventional oil and not synthetic oil. So it does not provide the additional benefits of synthetic oil like needing an oil change only after three years or 3000 miles like the Valvoline 20W-50 synthetic racing motor oil does.

So there is no need of turning back if you are looking for motor oil for your racing car as the Valvoline 20W-50 motor oil is perfect and safe for your vehicle. For safety reasons, you can always double-check with your owner manual to ensure you have made the right choice.

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