Synthetic Motor Oil Comparison


Synthetic Motor Oil Comparison

Valvoline Engine Oil

This brand of engine oil was founded by Dr. John Ellis. The oil was first used on steam engines and later Model T. The oil works best with high mileage engines. The oil actually comes with a special warranty for engines that don’t exceed 125,000 miles. However, this warranty is only available to motorists that stick to Valvoline oil service guidelines.

The oil is designed to keep your engine safe from the damages that are brought about by foreign deposits. This helps in ensuring that the engine runs without being clogged by impurities. Besides that, this brand of oils comes with additives that make the moving parts to be resistant to wear.  The oil moves very fast within the engine system because it has been oxidized to avoid thickening.

Total Engine Oil

Total Engine oil needs no introduction. Every motorist that resides in Europe as probably used Total oil. In fact, the brand is very popular in Europe and other countries that are not in the US. In a bid to establish itself in the US markets, Total has partnered with International Motor Sports Association racing series.

Besides that, the brand has partnered with Red Bull’s Formula 1 racing team. The oil has therefore been put to the test on the track and passed. The oil is made using synthetic technology. It features special formulation that makes it ideal for both gasoline and diesel engines.

As a matter of fact, the oil has satisfied the standards required by European auto makers. It actually bears recommendations from companies such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz.

Pennzoil Engine Oil

Pennzoil offers low viscosity during cold weather and perhaps that’s why most motorists go for this brand when the weather gets freezy. Due to its synthetic attributes, the oil maintains a high degree of cleanliness in the engine.

This is because it contains superior active cleansing agents that prevent the accumulation of impurities. A cleaner engine means that your automobile will last for many years without requiring a replacement.

The other advantage of this oil is that it supports turbocharged engines. Pennzoil is currently the official supplier of engine oil that is used in Ferrari. Wen you use Pennzoil engine oil, you are bound to experience a decline in fuel consumption. They even have a calculator that helps motorists in doing the math.

Mobil 1 Engine Oil

Mobil 1 is made in US but is also popular in other countries. It’s fully synthetic oil that’s produced using supersyn technology. The technology avoids the accumulation of sludge and foreign particles such as dirt and debris.

It provides reliable lubrication that guarantees an extended lifespan by keeping instances of friction on the low. High and low temperatures can never be a problem because the oil features stable oxidation and thermal attributes that make easy to start the engine regardless of the weather condition.

The oil is also ideal for turbocharged engines. This is due to the fact that it increases the rate of combustion which in return results in fuel efficiency. The brand is the official supplier of oil to Nascar and McLaren Honda.

Quaker State Engine Oil

Quaker state Engine Oil comes with limited time warranty. These oils are specifically designed for older cars whose mileage exceeds 200k. They have a wide variety of oils that include mineral, synthetic-blend, and fully synthetic engine oils. The oil prevents compression and leakage in the cylinder. This goes along way in reducing fuel consumption.

Castrol Engine Oil

Castro Engine Oil is made using fluid titanium technology to boost the performance of your automobile. Their oils are strong and advanced that make the engine to be powerful.

The oil works by reducing the distance between moving parts. When there is zero friction, the engine is bound to last longer without showing any signs of wear. The oil protects the engine from deposits tat can cause it to jam due to accumulation of impurities.

The manufacturer understands that it’s not easy for first time motorists to choose the right oil for their engine. And that’s why they have an oil selector tool. The tool basically selects a perfect match after you have specified the make and model. Castro has partnered with various racing teams in Europe that include World Rally Championship and German Touring Car races.

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