Synthetic Engine Oil for a Diesel Engine


Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

What is the best synthetic oil for a diesel engine?

It is but natural that after spending so much for your car, you strive to prolong its life with regular maintenance like changing of oils. Between gasoline and diesel engines it is the diesel ones that especially need more maintenance and frequent oil changes for maximum protection and cleanliness. And it’s the best synthetic diesel engine oil that ensures your engine runs appropriately and efficiently even when under pressure.

Difference between synthetic and conventional oils

Synthetic engine oils offer better lubrication when compared to traditional oil. The difference between the two is that mineral oil is more natural oil and synthetic oil is chemically prepared based on perfected formulae.

Not only are impurities removed from the crude oil, but the individual oil molecules are more consistently shaped than natural oil, and customized to meet the modern engine’s demands. They are structured to offer improved protection and performance than conventional fuels. This makes the base for synthetic oil which next needs the correct blend of additives to create the perfect synthetic oil.

Most synthetic oil brands contain performance-improving additives like polyalphaolefin, alkylated aromatics, and synthetic esters. Between the two, it’s recommended to use synthetic oil as your engine lubricant especially because it maintains consistent viscosity even in scorching conditions.

It also offers better lubrication at start-up, which is when most engines get, stressed the most. In short, synthetic oil is more effective at prolonging your engine life and improving your engine’s efficiency and performance.

Synthetic oils for diesel engines

There are synthetic oils specially meant for diesel engines and the best fuel for your car is one that’s compatible with your engine. Both gasoline and diesel engines have the same base oils while different additives change the oil’s properties. So the difference between the two lies in the number of additives used in the oil.

As diesel engines absorb more carbon while gasoline engines absorb more moisture and tar, diesel oils contain more dispersants and anti-wear additives. Diesel engines also need oil with a higher viscosity, unlike gasoline engines that only produce more heat. Full sensitive diesel engine oils contain more additives as they work under harsher conditions.

5 Reasons why Mobil1 is the best synthetic oil for a diesel engine

One of the most popular and best synthetic oils for diesel engines is Mobil1, famous for its spectacular protection in all working conditions. It’s unique and balanced formula keeps your engine running like new.

Being synthetic diesel engine oil, it outperforms conventional motor oils by offering better protection to your vehicle and is the best for your engine for the following reasons.

  1. Flows well at low temperatures

Engine oil tends to settle when your car sits idle for a while, like overnight. It’s when you start the engine in the morning that it flows through and protects the engine parts from friction.

Conventional oils need some time to flow smoothly through the engine and may take even longer in cold months. Mobil1, however, is structured to protect your engine so that the moment you start your car, it flows quickly through the engine even at low temperatures.

  1. Cleaner engine

It’s while oil circulates through your engine that conventional oils pick up deposits to form sludge. This reduces your engine’s efficiency and your engine’s life. Mobil 1, on the contrary, picks up fewer impurities and does not create sludge so easily. It thus prevents the accumulation of deposits in your engine.

  1. Turbocharger parts protector

Cars are today built with smaller engines for improved fuel efficiency, and use turbocharger parts for a power boost. Conventional oils break down when engines run at high temperatures while turbocharged motors are even more aggressive.

This is because their shafts make 200,000 revolutions in a minute. So your motor oil has to quickly reach the shaft to lubricate it well. This is impossible with conventional oils as they break down faster in these conditions and leave deposits on the turbocharger parts. Mobil1 is a better option as it protects the components much better to keep them operating at peak performance and boosts your engine power.

  1. Better engine wear protection

Engine parts move at high speeds and continuously come in contact with each other. This can wear and break down the engine components, and motor oil is the only protection for your engine parts. It forms a protective barrier in between the parts.

Conventional oils don’t protect the engine well as it tends to break down. However, Mobil1 prolongs your engine’s life by retaining its wear protection properties for a much longer time.

  1. Protects better at high temperatures

Engines become hot after running, and with time, the high temperatures lead to the breakdown or evaporation of conventional motor oils which exposes your engine to wear and tear. This does not happen with Mobil1 synthetic engine oil as it’s structured to resist high temperatures, which is an important feature to remember especially while driving in hot places.

How to use Mobil1 for maximum efficiency

Though Mobil1 may be great for your diesel engine, for best results, it’s always better to perform an engine flush before you switch from conventional to synthetic oils. As some older or high-mileage engines don’t agree to engine flushing, it’s always better to consult with your mechanic before changing oils.

And while synthetic oil brands boast of an extended oil change interval, it’s recommended to change your engine oil every 4,600 mi to 6,200 mi, as usual. This is especially important and necessary if you are driving in intense, stressful driving conditions like bumper-to-bumper traffic, driving at below average speeds and adverse environmental conditions.

It’s also vital that you change your oil filter every time you change your oil. With so many duplicate auto parts in the market, you need to be careful and use only high-quality OEM oil filters, available at an authorized service station.

It’s only after you start using Mobil1 synthetic engine oil that you will realize the changes in your car engine’s performance, and that it definitely is the best synthetic diesel engine oil available today!

Mobil 1 98JE04 5W-40 Turbo Diesel Truck Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 Gallon$4.7/5.0
Royal Purple 04154 API-Licensed SAE 15W-40 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 gal.$$4.7/5.0
Shell ROTELLA T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, 1 Gallon$4.8/5.0
Valvoline 5W-40 Premium Blue Extreme Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil - 1gal (Case of 3) (774038-3PK)$$$5.0/5.0
Sinopec 15W40 CJ-4 Syn Diesel Engine Oil, 5 Gallon$$$4.5/5.0
Delo 39146 400 XSP SAE 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 Gallon Jug$4.8/5.0

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