Shell Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil Review


Motor oil is necessary for the smooth functioning of engines in vehicles. And the Shell Rotella T6 is a leading full synthetic engine lubricant worldwide.  It is known for its Triple Protection Plus technology comprising of additive technology that provides protection against deposits, oil breakdown and deposits. It also plays an integral part in lowering temperature flow while improving fuel economy performance.

Low ash additive

The Shell Rotella T6 5W has low levels of not only ash but also sulphur and phosphorus. It is because of this that it reduces your engine maintenance and also offers more smooth operation. Besides, it produces the lowest carbon content, which means it does not degrade the environment like other high-additive oil brands.

Diesel and gas engines

The T6 5W is meant for use in both old and new diesel fuel powered vehicles. This means that it safe and ideal for use in minivans, bus fleets, tractors, trailers, pick-up trucks, cars like Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Cummins and Volvo and also in other heavy-duty equipment used in various projects.

It can also be used in gasoline engines with API SM specifications in some Asian, US and European brands. It is thus better to check the vehicle’s manual to ensure its compatible with the oil before using it.

Protects your engine

The oil protects your engine in most driving conditions by keeping the engine free of dirt so that it lasts longer, keeps metal moving parts well lubricated for prolonged life and also protects the engine from acid formation due to combustion or the aging oil.

Fully synthetic oil

The oil is not made from high carbon petroleum products but is a low-ash synthetic oil. It helps improve the engine’s economic performance and efficiency by giving it more mileage.

Safe for rough use

The Shell Rotella is an advanced formulation that renders it reliable and secure to use with any engine, even in harsh and heavy-duty use.

Improved viscosity and flow even in cold weathers

The Shell Rotella T6 is a low-viscosity oil that gives your car a quick and easy start-up even in cold weather. It can start-up engines up to 30F temperature which is not seen in any other similar type of oil. And as the oil adapts to any weather condition, it remains in the liquid state even in cold weather. It also maintains a relative flow of high temperatures without any engine stalling.

Longer oil change period

As this is a low maintenance oil, there’s no need of regularly changing the oil as long as the engine is clean and dirt free. You or your mechanic may check your engine’s oil filter to find out how clean the engine is and if there is any debris warranting an oil change.


  • Meets API CJ-4 specifications of car manufacturers, DPF standards and API SM application specifications
  • Cheap fully synthetic oil
  • 5-quart jug with ergonomically designed handles
  • Made using low-ash additive technology
  • Excellent low-temperature flow and viscosity
  • Meant for, and protects diesel and gasoline engines
  • Can be used in most vehicles and even heavy duty equipment
  • Low emission and maintenance


  • Saves energy and maintenance costs by keeping your engine clean and reliable all the time
  • Protects engine from both extraordinarily high and cold temperatures by ensuring oil circulation and flow is not affected by the temperature change
  • Can also be used in some compatible motorcycle models
  • Low carbon, phosphorus and sulphur levels
  • Prevents any possible oil breakdown
  • Produces low deposits


  • Not meant for geared motors as the oil is thinner compared to other oils used for these motors


If you are looking for the perfect oil to keep your engine lubricated, the Shell Rotella T6 should fit your needs. It’s affordably priced and comes packed in a 5-quart jug. As the jar has ergonomically designed handles, it’s not that difficult to tiring carrying the can around to use in any vehicle and equipment.

As this is a synthetic oil, it can also be recycled as many times as required. In other words, you can get going if you have sufficient oil in the engine. Besides not many oils work so well at extreme temperatures like -30°F. And its low additive content is a plus point because of its induced pro-environment features.


While it’s true that you will agree that the Shell Rotella is the perfect motor oil for your car engine, there are also other comparable oils on the market. For example, you have the Pennzoil 550022686 fully synthetic motor oil.

The Pennzoil 550022686 synthetic oil has more than 150 customer reviews, which is not much of a surprise as it is rather cheap. It also keeps pistons up to 40% cleaner and cleans out sludge from the engine much better than other conventional and synthetic engine oils. It is also a better oil for heavy-duty driving and protects your engine well in all temperatures and conditions.

Final verdict

Taking into consideration the features, advantages and disadvantages of the Shell Rotella synthetic motor oil, it does indeed look like the ideal oil for your vehicle. It is safe to use in both diesel and gasoline engines of most vehicle brands and can also be used in heavy-duty equipment.

And unlike the Penzoil 550022686 synthetic oil, the Shell Rotella boasts of low ash, sulphur and phosphorus additives that reduces engine maintenance costs and ensures the smooth functioning of the engine.

Unlike other synthetic and conventional oils, the Shell Rotella T6 start rather quickly in cold weather and flows well even at extremely low and high temperatures. Once you fill up your vehicle with Shell Rotella, the next oil change will be after a much longer time than other conventional and synthetic motor oils.

So while this is an excellent oil to use in your vehicle or equipment, it is always better to first check your owner’s manual to ensure this oil is right and safe to use.

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