Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil Review


Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil boasts with more than 200 customer reviews on Amazon. Although the oil is obtained from crude oil, it’s refined to remove all the impurities.

Despite that, it’s very thick thanks to its 5W viscosity. This thickness helps in creating a protection layer between the moving parts. The oil is fairly priced which means you get a high quality product at an affordable cost.

In fact, the oil can be reused after draining. All you have to do is pour it through a filter to get rid of all the contaminants. It therefore helps in preventing pollution.

This is because the oil is rarely disposed into the environment. The other advantage is that the Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil is resistant to freezing. This means that the oil remains in solid state even when the climate is extremely cold.

You can therefore start you car faster without experiencing any delay because the oil flows faster due to its lightness. In addition to that, the oil can never evaporate when exposed to hot weather.

The oil serves as an engine cleaning agent. As it gets pumped into the engine, the oil collects all the deposits such as dirt and other deposits that are stuck. This ensures that the engine continues to function normally without any instances of sludge. Besides that, the oil takes away all the heat that is produced by the moving parts.

The elimination of heat keeps the engine safe from the damages that are brought about by overheating. Moreover, the oil comes with advanced ingredients that prevent it from breaking down when it’s exposed to high temperatures.

You can therefore be sure that your car will never break down due to oil leakages. As a matter of fact, the oil boosts the lifespan of the engine. The oil comes in a 5 quart gallon that has handles on the sides to make it easier to pout it without missing the hole.


  • Cheap
  • Synthetic oil
  • Recyclable
  • 5 quart jug
  • Ergonomic handles


  • 5W viscosity
  • Free shipping
  • Resistant to overheating
  • Resistant to freezing
  • Prevents engine wear
  • Removes dirt and other deposits


  • Not ideal for bikes and aviation engines
  • Can’t be used on both gasoline and diesel engines


When it comes to keeping engines lubricated, nothing beats Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil. You don’t even need to budget for this oil because it’s very cheap. The good thing is that it features free shipment. This saves you from incurring extra costs.

You can easily carry the oil to wherever you are going because it’s packaged in a plastic container. The jug is ergonomically designed to enable you pour oil into the engine without the risk of spilling it on the ground.

Due to its synthetic composition, the oil can be recycled many times. There is actually no limit to the number of times that the oil can be reused. As long as you have enough oil for the engine, you are good to go.


Everyone that has used Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil will definitely tell you that it’s a game changer. Nonetheless, there are other oils that can be compared with it in the market. You can opt for either Castrol GTX Conventional Motor Oil or Briggs & Stratton Engine Oil.

There are currently more than 100 customer reviews for Castrol GTX Conventional Motor Oil on Amazon. For a start, the oil is very cheap. Besides that, it features a thickness of 5W which guarantees increased protection against wear that’s usually caused by friction.

Additionally, the oil is resistant to thermal breakdown which means it remains in its original state despite exposure to heat and cold weather. The oil can be transported from one point to another using the plastic container.

Briggs & Stratton Engine Oil is probably the thickest oil in the market. With a viscosity of 30W, the oil can withstand whatever is thrown at it. The oil is therefore the best in preventing damages the result from friction.

With such a thickness, there is no room for friction between the moving parts. You can use this oil on tractors, lawn mowers and other farming equipment. The oil stays in liquid form even when temperatures drop beyond zero. On the other hand, te oil can withstand high temperatures.


All the credit goes to Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil. This is because it has been processed through distillation to get rid of impurities found in crude oil.

The downside is that it can’t be used on motorcycles and aviation engines. Briggs & Stratton Engine Oil is the second best deal in this list. The oil is fairly priced and can be used in a wide variety of engines that include cars, tractors and lawn mowers among others.

The downside is that it can’t be used on both gasoline and diesel engines. Castrol GTX Conventional Motor Oil is at the bottom of this ranking. First of all the oil is not synthetic which means it can’t be recycled. However, it still rocks because it’s cheap and offers excellent lubrication.

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