Is Synthetic Oil Better than Regular Oil


There are two types of engine oil; synthetic and regular oils. There are people who settle for regular oils because they cost less than synthetic oils. If price was to be used as the criteria for deciding which of these oils is better than the other, regular oil would definitely bag all the credit.

But we all know that cheap stuff is expensive in the long run. The truth is that regular oil does more harm to your engine. Both oils are sourced from the ground.

However, synthetic oil is usually refined in laboratories through a process known as distillation. The process helps in removing all the impurities from the oil. Regular oil on the other hand contains many impurities because it’s derived from crude oil.

Is Synthetic Oil Better than Regular Oil

Less Harm to the Environment     

Owing to its composition, regular oil poses a great threat to the environment. This is because the toxic gases will pollute the atmosphere. Research has proved that people that are exposed to gases emitted from engines that run on regular oils are vulnerable to respiratory diseases.

The harm gets worse when these oils find their way into the rivers and lakes. They kill marine animals and plants due to suffocation. This is because the oil deposits form a thick layer above the water which in return prevents air from going in and out. Removing such deposits costs an arm and a leg.

Long Life     

Although experts recommend that engine oils be changed after 3 months, synthetic oils can last longer than that period. A vehicle that is not used regularly can go for up to 5 months without requiring new oil. This means that synthetic oil is disposed few times when compared to regular oil.

Regular oil can hardly last for 3 months. This is because it has impurities that cause its attributes to diminish faster. This means that motorists that use regular oil drain their engines several times in a year.

Prevent Formation of Sludge

The impurities that are contained in regular oils are often times deposited in the engine. Their accumulation posses a great threat to the performance of the engine. This is because the impurities result in sludge. The sludge can eventually cause an engine to be slow or breakdown.

That’s every motorist’s worse nightmare because a brand new engine is very expensive. Using synthetic oils saves you from such trouble. This is because synthetic oil is free from any impurities. You can therefore have peace of mind knowing that your engine will not be stricken by sludge.

The Best Lubrication Ever    

The role of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts. This helps in preventing friction that can cause the parts of an engine to wear out. Since synthetic oil is light, it’s able to cope with high speeds by creating a gap between the rotating parts.

This guarantees a long life to the engine. When regular oil is exposed to high speeds, it will eventually break down and result in leakage. This is because the impurities in it can’t withstand extreme conditions.

Withstands High Temperatures   

When an engine is run for many hours, the compartment gets extremely hot. If your engine is powered by regular oil, it’s likely to breakdown. The high temperatures will eventually drain the engine oil through evaporation. When this happens, the engine is left without any lubricant which can cause the moving parts to get damaged due to friction.

The oil actually evaporates faster when you are driving in an extremely hot weather. Engines that run on synthetic oil are safe from evaporation. This is because their purity helps in maintaining their form which means they don’t break down at all.

Engine Starts Fast in Cold Weather

It’s widely known that liquids that contain impurities take longer to heat than those that are pure. When temperatures drop below zero especially during winter, cars that use regular oil require more time to get started. This is because their oil is heavy and can’t therefore flow faster into the parts.

This problem is usually experienced in the morning because the oil has settled after being idle for many hours. Synthetic oils are free from any pollutants which cause them to heat much faster. Their light composition causes them to flow at a faster rate.

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