Amsoil 20w50 synthetic motorcycle oil Review


Looking for the best lubricant for your motorcycle? Want something to reduce the friction, heat and wear and tear? Then why not try the Amsoil 20w50 synthetic motorcycle oil? This oil is formulated to protect your vehicle from extensive temperature, pressure and even rust after extensive research.

Controls wear and tear

The anti-wear additives in Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil reduce wear and tear to ensure long engine life with maximum power. The oil is structured to be thermally stable with the best high-temperature film strength and maximum oxidation inhibitor additives. And it keeps the engine clean with its resistance to breakdown and prevention of damaging sludge and carbon deposits.

Heat resistant

Parade and idling in traffic makes the powerful air-cooled V-twin engines of your motorcycle extremely hot which in turn leads to wear and tear and forms deposits. In fact, most conventional oils break down to oxidise in high temperatures to cause carbon and sludge deposits.

However, things work differently with Amsoil Synthetic motor oils which offer an extra margin of protection. Its naturally heat-resistant synthetic base oils resist oxidation even in scorching conditions. It thus keeps the engine and equipment cool and clean and minimises fuel consumption and possible thickenings and emissions even in the worst riding conditions.

Optimal pressure protection for gears and chains

Amsoil synthetic motor oil is so effective at protecting transmission and primary chaincases that there is no need of using any separate transmission or primary chaincase lubricant. It is stable oil that does not thin out from mechanical activity and works like a gear lube without any problems of extreme-pressure additives. The oil, in fact, got a perfect “zero” wear rating in the FZG gear test.

Best rust protection 

Long-term storage, humidity and short drives can lead to rusting in motorcycles that trigger problems like a roller bearing failure, compression loss, wear and blow-by. While most motor oils are not structured to address rust and corrosion problems, Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle oil is formulated with special antirust additives to offer maximum rust protection against corrosion and acids operation and while in storage, to maximise your engine performance and life.

Optimal wet-clutch performance

Clutches in motorcycles are usually immersed in motor oil wherein the friction additives in it, and pressure additives in EP speed oils create a low ratio of rubbing between the clutch discs and plates. This leads to clutch glazing and slippage which in turn means longer working temperatures and shortens the clutch life.

However, Amsoil 20w50 synthetic motor oil has no friction additives and thus promotes smooth clutch shifting and engagement which in turn leads to reduced temperatures and prolongs the life of the equipment. Its high TBN also improves clutch life by resisting acids that degrade the clutch material.

What makes Amsoil oil so good?

Amsoil oils are not only effective at protecting motorcycle engines by reducing heat, wear and tear and rust formation but also offer higher viscosities than other conventional and synthetic motor oils.

It protects motorcycle engines and transmissions working in the worst conditions against wear and viscosity loss, to reduce the need for buying separate gear case oils.  The oil also offers the best wet-clutch performance for your bikes with its smooth clutch shifting and engagement.


  • Reduces foaming to provide long-term lubrication protection
  • Contains robust additive levels that extend oil life expectancy with unmatched engine cleanliness
  • Best for bikes needing 20w-50 motor oils
  • Well-suited for use with other synthetic and conventional motor oils
  • Drain intervals for on-road motorcycles extendable to twice the manufacturer recommendations or one year
  • Backed by Amsoil limited warranty


  • Protects transmissions and primary chaincases
  • Formulated with antirust additives to offer rust protection
  • Promotes smooth clutch shifting and engagement
  • Keeps engine and equipment cool
  • Prolongs engine life by reducing wear and tear


  • Mixing with other oils reduces oil life expectancy and performance benefits
  • Extended drain interval does not apply to racing or modified engines


The Amsoil 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil that can effectively keep your engine cool even in the most strenuous riding conditions and heat. The oil properties barely change even at high temperatures.

There is the most some mild oxidation while the viscosity and TBN or total base number is maintained. All these attributes help prolong your engine life by minimising the toll and wear and tear on it and keeping it clean.


The Amsoil 20w50 is not the only synthetic motor oil available. There are many other brands like the Castrol 06116 Power1 V-Twin 20W-50 motorcycle oil that make it difficult for you to make your choice.

This oil also formulated to protect your motorcycle engine, clutch and gearbox. It is very efficient at cooling your engine and boasts of shear stability that prevents viscosity breakdown. It is also designed to use for racing by providing maximum engine acceleration.

Final verdict

It is thus proven that the Amsoil 20W-50 is synthetic motor oil that seems to be specially formulated to use for racing and heavy duty motorcycles. It can withstand, and protect your bike from the friction, heat and wear and tear of racing and idling while efficiently providing extreme protection for gears and chains. It is also capable of protecting your bike from rust formation, and its wet clutch performance is excellent.

While the Amsoil 20W50 does have some competitors like the Castrol 06116 Power1 V-Twin 20-50 motorcycle oil, Amsoil is more affordable synthetic oil than Castrol oil. Castrol oil also tends to break down like water in sweltering conditions.

The Amsoil 20W50 also offers the convenience of working as a single lubricant for all three sumps. And unlike most conventional and synthetic oils, the oil viscosity is retained well to offer excellent protection from wear and tear. This is why the oil can be used for as long as twice your motorcycle manufacturer change interval or one year, as long as it is not mixed with other oils. Of course, though the Amsoil 20W50 is excellent oil for your motorcycle, it is always better to first check your owner manual just to ensure that the oil is safe to use in the bike.

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